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STIP COVID-19 Watch: STI Policy Responses to Coronavirus

Countries have introduced a variety of STI policy responses to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The STIP Compass COVID-19 Watch monitors countries’ policy responses through a dedicated survey. Recent developments include the STIP COVID-19 Tracker.

You may also want to access the OECD Flash Survey on the state of science amidst the COVID-19 crisis

Knowledge transfer and co- creation policy explorable guide

Discover a new tool for policy learning. This guide uses STIP Compass data and a wide range of resources to provide guidance on the main questions and issues around knowledge transfer and co-creation.

Mission-Oriented Innovation policies online toolkit

Faced with mounting societal challenges of unprecedented scale and scope, several governments are experimenting with new policies. This explorable guide helps policy makers design and implement mission-oriented innovation policies.

Overarching analysis of the 2019 STIP survey dataset

Online report on the results of the 2019 edition of EC-OECD STIP survey. The report uses interactive visualisations to describe the data, identifying recurrent national policy debates and key patterns in STI policy initiatives.

Recently linked datasets in STIP Compass

200+ unique STI.Scoreboard statistical indicators embedded across STIP Compass’s interactive dashboards | Detailed information on competitive research funding schemes from 21 countries (collected by the OECD Global Science Forum) | ResGov database: 100+ indicators on the governance of public research policy in OECD countries (collected by the TIP Working Party) | 5k+ academic articles from Microsoft Academic Graph.

How do we collect data?

The STIP Compass monitoring tool systematically collects in a harmonised way quantititative and qualitative data on national STI policies. It addresses all areas of STI policy, including initiatives spread across different ministries and national agencies, with competence over domains as broad as research, innovation, education, industry, environment, labour, finance/budget, among others.

Data are gathered using the online questionnaire tool based on the Limesurvey open source software, which has been further tailored to allow the survey’s National Contact Point (NCP). The monitoring tool was implemented to allow countries to update the information provided in the survey on a continuous basis. The database is unique in its scope, nature and scale and has become a major international tool to monitor and analyse countries’ science and innovation policies.